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Disinformation and conspiracy…

Deafening Whispers


台灣民主實驗室發佈《震耳欲聾的低語:2020 大選中國在台資訊操作》完整版本(2020 年為精簡版),分析中國如何透過特定手法進行資訊操作。不僅在台灣,近期中國持續在全球進行資訊操作,以展現其意識形態,發生於 2021 年三月的 H&M 新疆棉花爭議事件即為其中一例。

📕 下載完整報告 (PDF, 英文)


近期瑞典品牌 H&M 因公司政策禁用新疆棉花而導致中國群眾對該品牌出現大規模抵制運動,也讓中國的全球資訊操作手法再次成為媒體注目焦點,但追溯往昔可以發現該模式並非首次出現。

台灣民主實驗室理事長沈伯洋在《震耳欲聾的低語:2020 大選中國在台資訊操作》報告中,提出一個整合模型,歸納中國資訊操作中不同的參與者、代理人及攻擊模式,做為系統性分析中國資訊攻擊的框架。

結合報告中的模型,本文最後亦提出新的「3I」模型,做為更細緻及全面性理解中國影響力操作的架構,並提供與過去「3C」(Covert 隱匿、Coercive 強制性、Corrupting 腐化)模型不同的觀點。





Exit poll results from Taiwan’s 2020 presidential and legislative elections

Tseng Po-Yu (曾柏瑜), Doublethink Lab researcher
Chen Yun-Ju (陳韻如), Doublethink Lab researcher

Lee Chafaud

This is the English version of 假訊息對選民的影響分析. Based on this study, we further conducted a behavioral experiment. The result will be published before the end of this year.

To better understand the impact of…

Author: Lee Chafaud
Researcher: Harpre Ke

御題棉花圖(一)冊 採棉 Picking Cotton, from the volume Mianhua Tu (Illustrations of Cotton), with the inscription of a poem by the Qianlong Emperor. Open Access artwork from Taiwan National Palace Museum.

In March 2021, a campaign to boycott H&M took off suddenly in China. Doublethink Lab traced this to a state-affiliated account amplifying a post from a local influencer by tagging hashtags related to “Xinjiang Cotton”, which was then picked up by other state-media accounts…

2020 大選投票所出口訪查結果



為瞭解台灣在 202 …

A Preliminary Study on the Dissemination Model of Disinformation, Taking COVID-19 as an Example

Author: Poyu Tseng, Puma Shen
Translator: Shih-Shiuan Wilson Kao, Stanley Christopher
Editor: Lilly Min-Chen Lee

This research was conducted in May 2020 and the data was collected between Jan 10 to Mar 31, originally written in Chinese.

Download full-text report PDF

Key Findings

  1. From the Taiwanese presidential election on January 10 until…

Doublethink Lab

Doublethink Lab focuses on mapping the online information operation mechanisms as well as the surveillance technology exportation and digital authoritarianism.

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